Hip Activator: GolfWOD January 2020

GolfWOD during preseason to get you ready for the season

The next couple months is what we regard as preseason – this is a very important to prepare the body for the beginning of the golf season using GolfWOD. During the next couple months, your primary focus should be dedicated to 75% of your time in the gym doing what I call movement pattern conditioning (MPC). A simple definition of MPC, is moving the body through a movement with a form of resistance that closely mimics the golf swing. This will condition those muscles used within that golf swing. This will also provide the golfer the ability to move constantly for a substantial period of time.

Here is a sample GolfWOD that you can use.

GolfWOD “The Back 9”


  • 10 Air squats
  • 10 side steps
  • 5 Bounding


  • 5×5 (5sets of 5 reps)
  • Deadlift 70# /20#
  • Split leg rotation row 20# /10#


  • 5 Circle Walk
  • 5-180s/90s
  • 8 Rotational swings w/ resistance
  • 3 Speed swings w/ club
  • Forward: deadlift 20# rotational row n/a#
  • Middle: deadlift 40# rotational row 10#
  • Deadlift 60# rotational row 20#


  • Forward: for a novice, beginners and master athletes
  • Middle: for the intermediate golfer playing white and blue tees
  • Back: collegiate, and back tees advanced players