Load & Explode Drill

Golfers are typically struggling with accuracy and distance. Distance is increase by speed which is created by power and strength. When the power is explosive, speed can be increased more efficiently

by using the ground in a “ground up force” approach. This is done by loading (transferring) weight into the trail leg in the backswing, then transferring the weight to the forward leg in an explosive

manner. This will create more torque in your golf swing through impact by increasing lower body separation and causing a “whip like effect” of the upper body through impact.

The series of exercises and geared towards increasing your ability to load in the back swing and the ability to fire your hips first to not only

increase proper sequence but the ability to hit down on the ball and create repeatable distance.

How To Do The Workout:

Here is a key to understand how far to squat in the bounding exercise and if the 180’s or 90’s are the ones to do.

Back Tees: Advance players driving 250 +

Middle Tees:  Single digit handicappers, 230-250 drives

Forward Tees: 230 and under drives, master golfers

Do as a circuit 3 sets total

1 set of 10 reps bounding

1 set of 5 reps 180’s or 90’s

1 set of 5 reps of the impact drill

then repeat 2 more times